quinta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2014

Nissan Laurel C33

Hi! Here is some Laurel i made. Made this after NFS Pro Street. ^_^ Cya!

'Creative Minds' Honda NSX

Hi again! Here comes my newest car! A Honda NSX built for drifting. I finally got the 2 rim sets on one car stuff! :D So you would probably understand the car has 2 sets of rims. Car has regular racing stuff inside (Bucket seats, roll cage etc.). When talk about the exterior part, I sculpted a whole new front bumper out of stock. Worked on the rear bumper and side skirts also to match with front bumper. Can't forget mentioning that nice and detailed paintjob! Ah and big thanks to 666hp for the wing! ^^ And a bunch of pictures of this machine: Cya! ^__^

Ahh, are noobs afraid of racists?

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Something interesting...

Hi! Im gonna just notify that there's a great map coming this way... There's even a teaser for it. Check it out! ;) Author of this map: [MPWR][M_Power] Creator of the teaser: [MPWR][JJ] cya!

New Music!

New playlist of some songs that i like. Enjoy! ;)

Nismo GT-R (R32)

Just a Nismo GT-R with racing equipment and stuff. Just look at the pictures ;) Cya! ^^

Nissan Silvia S13 Costum Streetrace Edition

Hi! Today i finished my newest car mod. No! its not a drift car. Its a street racing car ^^. It took some time but the result is satisfying. Whats new? -Front & Rear Bumper -Rims -Interior -Exhaust -Neon -Intercooler -Spoiler Here are the pics! You can see the new bumper, seats, nitrous bottles and intercooler! A lot of work with interior In the garage ^^ Best effect in the night with neon mod ;)